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Mission Statement 

AAA Million Auto Parts is a proud and resilient family-owned business, with a rich legacy dating back to 1961. As a women-owned and minority-owned enterprise, we have consistently thrived by delivering exceptional auto parts and services. Our mission is to be the trusted partner for automotive solutions, providing high-quality parts with unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We prioritize inclusivity, diversity, and community engagement, aiming to contribute positively to the automotive industry and beyond. At AAA Million Auto Parts, we strive to uphold our legacy of excellence, fostering a family-like environment for our customers, employees, and partners.

This is what some of our customers have to say...


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The Best!!!


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Cannot be Beat!!!

Monica, New York

Parts are always coming in on time. High quality very low price

Naomi, California

These guys supply my entire company fleet. Never let us down

Sergio, Tennesse

These guys ship to all my stores, so I don't have to worry about supplying them. takes a load off my mind.

  • AAA Million Auto Parts Values

  • Customer Oriented

  • Family Business

  • Friendliness

  • Culture Based

  • Inclusive and Diverse

  • Success Driven

  • Professionalism 



My parts came in faster than expected.I have no idea how they do it, but they get it done. 


Customer service is always on point. I email what I want and within a short time I get a quote with several options.  This cannot be beat.


The staff really knows  what they are talking about. Every time I call I learn something new about cars.

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