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Frequently Asked Questions

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Experts Panel on auto parts

Our customers often ask us questions about our auto repair services, and we are always happy to answer them. We understand that there may be many unknowns when it comes to car maintenance, and we strive to provide clear and concise explanations to all our customers. From common issues like squeaky brakes, bad batteries, and engine trouble, we have a solution for every problem. Whether you’re in need of routine maintenance or a large repair project, we are here to help.


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Are aftermarket parts as good as OEM parts?

The decision between OEM and aftermarket parts often comes down to personal preference, budget, and specific needs. Some car owners prefer the peace of mind that comes with using OEM parts, while others are satisfied with the value and performance offered by aftermarket alternatives. We make sure that the aftermarket you buy from us are equal to OEM.

Do I have to call or email to ask for prices and order?

No, but we could have the auto parts ready for you if you do. If we don't have the auto parts in our present warehouse we could get it for you so when you arrive.

How long does it take to respond when given a quote?

No more than 24hrs. There are many times in which we respond within the hour.

How do I know if a part will fit my car?

Just give us your vehicle information in the Quote page and our expert will get you the right part. No worries

Where do you guys ship to?

We ship auto parts to anywhere in the world!!!

What's the warranty  for auto parts?

Depends on the part, but mostly one year from day of purchase. Ask one of our experts before purchase.

Question we get asked the most>>>

What is the difference between OEM and AFTERMARKET parts????

I cannot ask for a better supplier. Very huge inventory and great service. They deliver to all my customers worldwide. On time, every time!!!

Robb Walters

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